2012 Goals: The Third Quarter In

So we are officially starting the last quarter of 2012. I honestly can’t believe it and even though I thought last year was fast, this has been the FASTEST of my life. But I have a feeling I will say that each year for the rest of my life. Do you remember those goals I made at the beginning of the year? Well, here’s what I’ve done thus far: 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter. So after the third quarter…these are the other goals I have crossed off my list…

In terms of business:

3. I’m so thankful I actually booked 8 weddings of my own for this year and have successfully shot the first 5. Three more amazing couples left for 2012! I am outrageously thankful EVERY DAY for the wonderful people who have trusted me with such a huge day in their life.
6. Continued to volunteer for pets in need. Just recently I met a handful of awesome LLR dogs down at the James Island Dog Park. You can see their sweet faces here.
8. It’s official. I can say I have NOT put money aside for WPPI all year as many other things have taken priority, but since I joined PPA, I’m hoping to make it to Imaging USA in Atlanta in January instead. WPPI 2014 maybe?
9. I will blog about my 52 Weeks of Riley and Lexi project this week.
13. I’ve continued to make more local photographer friends and it’s been wonderful 🙂
22. Finally nailed down my B&W conversion! Woohoo!

And in terms of lifestyle/other goals…

Wow. I haven’t done anything else off this list since June. Time to get a’crackin! But, to look on the bright side, I have done these things…even if they weren’t on my goals list…
– Bit by bit I’ve been making our little house a home, donating old, un-used items and clothing and purchasing small and affordable pieces here and there, like a shelf and buffet for our living room.
– Gone on some major cleaning sprees. I love to clean and love nothing more than a clean house. And fall!
– Taken Facebook and work email off my phone. This is huge and I love how much of my life I have gotten back and how I don’t feel the need to check EVERYTHING ALL. THE. TIME.
– Been riding more! Probably because of the bullet above and how I’ve gotten so much of my life back from it.

So this check in has been a wake up call. If I want to accomplish the majority of my list, these things need to be done in the next 2.5 months…
1. Have a home office that inspires me. Kind of sucks that my office is our “catch all” wedding gift room right now too. But I have been brainstorming a LOT of ideas to change up my office, organize it, and really get it feeling inspiring.
5. Take part in a styled shoot. Got some ideas burning in my mind 🙂
7. Donate portrait photography for a good cause for people.
10. Submit unpublished weddings for publication
12. Upgrade lenses a little. I have some other necessaries I have to take care of first, so we will see if we get to this this year.
14. Photograph more horses and cats.
15. Photograph a terminally ill pet.
16. Learn off-camera flash.
21. Calendar. Hmm.
23. Come up with a consistent daily schedule.
24. Once the craziness of early November goes away, get back on that GoodReads list!
25. Make date nights a priority
29. Foster for LLR again.
30. Start considering floor plans for the new house build.
31. Sign up for a 10k for the first half of 2013.
32. Compile Croft family books! Super important!
33. Get crafty with my Pinterest Creative Ideas!

Soooo…lots to get done! Wish me luck! And if you have been chugging along with your 2012 goals or are already setting them for 2013, leave me a comment with a link! I love reading other people’s goals 🙂

And since every post is better with a picture, here’s one of Rees and Nicole from last night. You’ll see more of them (and their ADORABLE boxer puppy!) later this week!

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