An Odd Obsession: Notebooks

Wow this week has gone by in a blur! I can’t believe it’s Friday already and the weekend is just about here. Things are exciting around here today because tomorrow officially starts “wedding season.” Even though it’s not my wedding and I’m just second shooting, I really love the excitement of things picking back up and getting to be a part of another amazing wedding day, especially alongside a photographer who I really enjoy working with. Once tomorrow comes, slow season will officially be over. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’ve been really looking forward to all that this year has in store and there are so many exciting things just around the corner…things like Making Things Happen next week! I’m so pumped.

Today I wanted to share a kind of strange habit I have. I think I officially realized how strange it was this morning. Since starting my business, I’ve always kept these notebooks. They are not special notebooks, just the cheap $.98 ones from Walmart or Target. You know, with the yellow, blue, green, or red covers. They are never fancy because when I’ve had the fancy ones, I never write in them. They are always “too pretty” for me to write in. My ideas and handwriting are never really pretty enough so those notebooks always lie around completely blank. But I just LOVE these simple ones. I keep two: a Big List notebook (inspired by Katelyn James…this one only gets added to and refreshed once every week or two), and a general ideas notebook, and I write down anything and everything in them. I’m not necessarily a journaler unless I just REALLY need to get something emotional off my chest and need a healthy place to put it, but I’m a huge list maker. Like lists for my lists kind of list maker. So these notebooks tend to be lots of  lists, tons of brainstorming, notes from webinars, ideas, where I go through the math for some of the financial parts of my business, etc.

Well in preparation for MTH next week, I wanted to run through my 2013 Goal Setting exercises one more time, but I realized I used up the last page in my notebook on Tuesday. Womp womp. An ordinary person might just grab a sheet of loose leaf notebook paper, printer paper, a composition book (cuz I’ve got two cute ones lying around), but that just doesn’t feel the same to me. These notebooks have become my official place to put ideas and I love having them all together in one place. I love that they are easy to flip through with the spiral bound, I love that I can easily tear pages out without leaving a big chunk of paper in the middle, I love that they are so not pretty which means I feel free to write whatever sloppy ideas I have at the time, and I love that they are hole punched, so that when I finish a notebook, I can tear out all of the “big ideas” or important pages, add them to my business binder, and toss the rest so that I’m not keeping the clutter.

Does anyone else have weird obsessions like this? Or is there anyone like me who WISHES they could write in pretty notebooks but just cant? I’m secretly jealous of everyone who keeps notebooks that are a lot prettier than this and freely write in them!

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