A few months ago my friend Lena sent me a link to the BarkBox website. I had heard of Birchbox, but that’s not really my thing. A Birchbox for dogs…aka Barkbox…way more my thing! Lena gave it a shot for a few months and her dog Carlos (you can see that cute little nugget here and here) loved it. He’s a vicious serial toy destroyer so he goes through toys pretty quickly and Lena really likes trying new treats and stuff with him, too. After her subscription was up, BarkBox so nicely gave her a few BarkBoxes to give away, and Riley and Lexi were super grateful she chose them as one of the freebies! I knew I’d wanted to try it, but we’re pretty frugal around these parts (that happens when you have a farm, a kid, and a new house to build) so I wasn’t sure when I’d bite the bullet and sign up for myself. It was really neat to be able to try it out for a month to see what it’s all about.

Our BarkBox arrived at our door yesterday, and Riley and Lexi immediately knew something was up. As soon as I opened it, their heads were sniffing all over the box trying to figure out what all the goodies were. This month’s box was water themed, so the shark toy is waterproof (perfect for them to dive into the pool after), and of course they are all about the treats…they aren’t picky eaters. The shark immediately became a tug-of-war toy but he held up pretty good (Carlos has already destroyed his but don’t worry, he destroys the indestructible…he’s the rare 1% lol), and overall I really loved our box! The ice treats look especially neat and I really like that it includes something really unique that I’ve never heard of before.

BarkBox has different plans for different sized dogs, and you can choose between a 1 time, 3 month, or 6 month BarkBox subscription, and of course they are cheaper each month the longer the subscription. BarkBox also donates at least 10% of it’s profits to rescues, shelters, and other animal organizations, which helps you feel like your investment is more than just “for fun” since you are helping pets in need. And, BarkBox makes a great gift for your favorite pet lover, too! Pretty neat and my two furry kiddos loved everything 🙂

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