The 36 in 365 Project

For those of you who have followed since the old blog, you might remember the 36 in 365 project. The purpose was to come up with 36 goals that I wanted to accomplish in 365 days, or 1 year. Many were business/post-graduation related, and some were personal. Although every year there are things I want to accomplish, it was my first year really setting goals.

To recap, here are the things I accomplished off of my list:

Work with a designer on brand development: brand new business name, logo, and blog thanks to Ribbons of Red
Get my photography published: June 2011, Tamron Article – July 2011, Bayside Bride – November 2011, Rustic Wedding Chic
Launch a flash website: Well, it’s actually HTML but works like the flash I wanted and it’s simple and SO easy to update. Thanks Folio Websites!
Attend a photography workshop:The MJ 2 Day in Colorado (Go figure this coming year she’s coming to Annapolis. Oh well, I’m SO thankful to have spent time in Colorado and to have made the friends I did.)
Do regular charity work with my photography:  I shot SO many adoptable dogs this year for the Humane Society of Calvert County, the Lowcountry Lab Rescue, and the Marion County Animal Shelter. I also donated all of my proceeds from the Holiday Mini Sessions at the Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound event to the Aiken County Animal Shelter.
Upgrade cameras: In March I made the jump from a Nikon D80 to the powerhouse NikonD700. And I’ve loved every second of that new camera body.
Get a macro lens: Tamron so generously sent me one of their macro’s as a thank you for the above feature. Fun stuff!
Organize my computer: This is constantly a work in progress but for now I’m pretty happy with how all of my files and folders are organized
Order more sample products: Especially with my re-brand this year, this was expensive, but I can finally say I have a sample of everything
Get 100 comments on my blog: Did this way back in the middle of the year thanks to all of my supporters!
Buy a ShootSac: Got it for my 22nd birthday this summer
Graduate: So proud that although I transferred schools like a champ (long story), I hustled my butt off and graduated from college on time (5/25/11). This day was SO special and I’m really thankful my whole family was there to share it with me!
Gamble and actually make money: Dustin and I won a couple hundred dollars gambling in Vegas for the WPPI Convention, but then lost it shortly after thinking we were invincible. Typical.
Visit Charleston, SC: Made my way to Charleston several times, love it!
Visit Savannah, GA: Beautiful!
Get engaged: My handsome husband-to-be popped the question last March here in South Carolina 🙂
Finally write my business plan: This is embarrassing…haha. At least it’s on the “done” list and not the “didn’t get to” list…
Get 100 Twitter followers: I think I have around 175 now 🙂

So I accomplished 18/36 items on my list. Uhhhh, okay, not as good as I thought haha, but hey 50% is better than…less than 50%?

Of the photography-type things I didn’t quite accomplish…

– Shoot with a Canon: Just wanted to for fun. Maybe one day.
– Shoot more photography for art: Not necessarily my thing, I’ve realized. Just doesn’t excite me the way I’d imagined.
– Second shoot a wedding: Well, I did this all out of order. I shot two weddings on my own but totally skipped the second shooting part. Second shooting is a BIG part of my 2012 goals!
–  Learn to shoot film: Also something I really wanted to do this year but it’s new the top of my 2012 list!

Quite the recap, eh? I’m kind of complacent about the whole thing…I wish I had done better, but at the same time some of my goals were kind of lax and I still didn’t do them…things like visit my friend Ariel at Clemson, watch the Tigers play in Death Valley, go fishing with my dad, eat at the Melting Pot for the first time, get a massage, and read two books a month. I’m learning that it’s important to make goals very specific and strategic, but then to also incorporate these smaller more “lifestyle goals” into my every day life, because that is what helps keep life balanced and healthy.

So my goals for 2012 are structured pretty differently. I’ve got a solid list of business goals that I’m still mulling over a little, and then I’ve got a list of things I want to be able to try harder to balance in my everyday life. On Monday I’ll be chatting more about photographers and business women who inspire me, and then on Tuesday I’ll be sharing my 2012 goals here on the blog.

Oh and tomorrow there’s something super exciting coming to the blog! I’d keep an eye out if you’re engaged or planning a wedding 😉

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